Saturday, November 24, 2007

Music to Knit By

Sometimes the best place for me to knit is right in front of my computer. I get the audio stream from this internet radio station from London, England. It is, by far IMO, the best classical music radio station I've ever heard. That includes the station that I listen to on XM radio. It's not the most comfortable seat in the house, but when I want to get some serious knitting done, its where I am. I can't watch tv and knit because I get distracted and stop what I'm doing. I honestly don't know how other knitters do that! How can you watch tv and watch your knitting at the same time??? London is about 5 hours ahead of us here in the EST, so often its the middle of the night over there when I'm listening. Its wonderful stuff. If you can, take a listen!
On the knitting front: I finished the one sock for my sister and cast on for the second. Almost finished with the scarf for Patrick. I dont know which will come first..the end of the yarn for it, or me being tired of working on it. ;) I have a scarf for my MIL thats knit out of Alpaca with a Twist and its a very soft, pretty lavender shade. I really should finish that too. I'll get a picture up of it when I get it done. I saw the most beautiful scarf!! Its called the Irish Hiking Scarf and its similar to the cable scarf I'm working on now, but its wider by a couple of inches. I'm presently trying to find the perfect yarn for it and have posted questions on Ravelry and on Knitty. I just don't know yarn that well yet so I asked for advice and opinions. I want something in an Aran weight (18 sts/4 inches), a solid or semi solid color and something that is not scratchy-picky. I hate that and I won't wear it. One person said she used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Unless I find something better thats what I'm going to use. Neighborhood Knits, in Dearborn, carries that so I can go scope out some colors. I gotta love it and be excited about it..or it'll languish in my closet undone. tsk.

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