Sunday, November 11, 2007


I took some pics of my yarn and some of my projects to try it out. Got a little bit of help from Katie, my daughter, and Patrick, her boyfriend. They're uploaded to Flickr and on my Ravelry site in the proper place. They came out pretty good, but I know I can take better pics. So, I gotta experiment a bit, I think. Its going to take me a whole afternoon to photograph ALL of my yarn with the labeling information for Ravelry, and then get them all up there. I like that feature where its like a yarn/project/needle inventory. I also love seeing everyone elses stuff. Some of it is so impressive it's intimidating! It can be inspiring too.
Today is my husbands birthday and we celebrated with family and dinner here at our house.
I have knit a pair of socks for my sister for Christmas. The first pair were Jaywalkers out of Lornas Laces Black Watch. Beautiful yarn. My BIL saw me knitting them and said "she'll never wear them". Curses. Tried Cascade Fixation..on US 5 because I couldn't get the gauge on 4's or 3's. Screwed up the simplest sock pattern. Noticed the HUGE mistake when I was all the way at the toe of the second sock. I just couldn't bear to rip it back to the cuff..where the mistake was. Stuffed them in my closet. grrrr. My final try is with Lornas Laces Sport, Aslan. Beautiful stuff. Don't care what my BIL says. So far I've had to rip them back 3 times. 3 TIMES!! I get past the heel flap..the heel..and picking up the gusset stitches and screw up every time. I'm getting it right this time, dammit! I'm running out of time because I want to finish them and my other Christmas stuff too, which I'm almost done with. I want to knit for myself SO bad and I will as soon as I finish this stuff. Plus..I have things (notice I said things..plural) for my Loopy Ewe Swap that I'm in. The project is due in February. Second week, I think. Knowing me..I'll need all that time to finish them.

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