Saturday, November 10, 2007

Easier than I thought

Its official! I've finally done something related to blogging with NO help from my daughter. Yes, folks, its true! However..I do need her to show me how to post pics. I've got a lot of stuff that I've knit and am knitting and I'd love to show it here, and on The Loopy Ewe and on Ravelry. I'll get to that very soon, I hope. I'm sorta kinda new to knitting. Been at it about 3 years. Learned when I was 9 from my mom and it didn't stick. (no pun intended). I re-learned when I saw a lady in a shop in North Carolina knitting behind the counter. I went to and re-taught myself. I LOVE that site. So informative and easy to follow. I'd recommend that site for anyone that wants to learn to knit or purl.
Well..thats it for now. This is completely new to in progress, so bear with me while I learn this stuff as I go along. Great to be here!

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