Friday, November 23, 2007

Will she finish??

This project is currently keeping me from finishing my Christmas knitting, which I started in the summer. Good intentions, ya know? I have two that I have to finish, and possibly two more if I can. I love knitting this scarf with this beautiful yarn. Its Debbie Bliss Cashmere and every inch of it is gorgeous. What is showing now is one skein. I measured, and I get 10 inches exactly out of one 45 yard skein. I have 6 of them, so my scarf will be around 60 inches long. I might not knit it that long. I know me, and I get bored rather quickly. So, I might be able to knit some mittens out of the leftovers when I decide to stop.
I have a feeling I'll be knitting wildly the week before Christmas to finish my gifts and be swearing I won't do it again next year. (ha!) I have my Loopy Ewe swap project I need to do as well, but thats not due until February. I took it to work last Wednesday and left it there accidently. argh!! Its coming along really nice. The yarn I got for it, Interlacements Tiny Toes, Taiga, which is varigated greens, was a good choice, IMO, for this project. Its turning out very pretty. (hehe...hi Karen!)

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Hi...back at you.