Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Week of Busy

I haven't had the chance to post this week because of crazy-bizzi-ness. Mike has been sick for the past two weeks with bronchitis/pneumonia. He can't seem to shake it, but says he feels better a bit every day. His cough is horrendous sounding.
I decided on Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for my Irish Hiking scarf. I think I used it once before when I knitted a pair of Fetching for my daughter and it fuzzed something awful. I can't even look that up because I don't keep notes on my knitting. tsk tsk. I know I should for just this reason. Anyway, too late now! I like how the yarn looks and it should knit up nicely. I also got the Great Adirondack Soxie yarn in Serengeti. This is some beautiful yarn!! As soon as I get it photographed I'll put it up. I also broke down and finally bought a yarn swift and a ball winder. The swift is from The Knitting Zone and its a table top model rather than the clamp kind. I don't think I have a table edge that would accommodate the clamp. It works great and I have all the yarn that needed to be wound, wound up. I have 4 skeins left that I'm considering trading/swapping/selling. Not sure though. I don't like it as much as I did, and I have a LOT of yarn that is wound that I would rather knit up.
I saw a pretty neat camera today over at Best Buy. Its a Canon Powershot. The digital camera I'm using now is ok..a Fuji. Its like a box..a cube shaped camera and kind of unwieldy. I bought it when Chris was in basic training and that was in 2002 (I think). Takes ok pics I guess but I'd like a new one that is smaller with more a macro for taking close ups.
I got Mikes Christmas present today..which is why I was at Best Buy. I hope he likes it!! and nope..I ain't sayin'.
Almost done with my Christmas knitting. yaaay!!..finally.

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