Sunday, December 16, 2007

Home Stretch

Well golll-ee. I actually finished all my Christmas knitting. This is really my first year of doing that. It might be my last. I don't think its such a good idea to go nuts with projects for just about EVERYONE in my family that would wear knitted stuff. Next year, I might stick to just my sister, oldest son and daughter. There's just so much I want to knit for myself and can't get to. Maybe I do better when there is a purpose for the FO and a deadline to make. eh...who knows?
I got the bestest gift ever for Christmas! My husband already gave it to me so I could take pics of our granddaughter before she leaves to go back to Iowa on the 23rd. She's not spending Christmas with us this year, so we're having a mini one on the 22nd for her. Its a Canon power shot..something. (Theres numbers that follow.) Its pretty high tech compared to the camera I had. I have to go through the instruction book to figure everything out. Notice I said "book" and not "booklet". Yep..its pretty detailed. All I really want to know is how to take the pic and delete the ones that I don't want. Its got a thing-y to put the little disk in so you can plug it into the port in my computer so I can load the stuff onto Flickr. I gotta get my daughter again to start me up. Once she shows me how, then I can do it. Either her or bf Patrick. Its got a macro thing on it for super close ups, and I gotta figure out how to do that as well.
Had a pretty big snow storm last night and today. We got about 8 or 9 inches, I guess. Very windy so the snow was blowing all over the place. Its stopped as of now and very clear and cold.
In a previous post, I said I bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to make my Irish Hiking scarf. Well, it was that same yarn I used to make Katie's Fetching..and it pills and fuzzes something awful. So, I'm taking it back to Neighborhood Knits and getting something else instead. Its really pretty yarn and I really like it, but not for that project. I doubt I'll use it again for anything. I got some of this from WEBS: Its Di.Ve' Zenith in Cornflower Blue. If I don't find anything at Neighborhood Knits thats what I'm going to use for the scarf. It's half price and I think its beautiful. I read in someones post on Knitty that its a bit splitty. I'll have to see. I'm planning on using rather blunt needles so that should help. As soon as I finish the two scarves that I'm working on now, the double cable scarf in the Cashmere, and the One Row Scarf from the Harlot in Print 127 (which is REALLY pretty) then I'll start the Irish Hiking scarf.
This is my queue: Irish Hiking scarf, Chevron scarf by Joelle Hoverson: STR lightweight in Scottish Highlands and Metamorphic, about 4 pairs of socks: Soxxie in Serengetti, Lornas Laces Shepherd sock in Denim, and one pair in Black Watch, Wollmeise in Dani, and my Loopy Ewe Swap project which I have to finish by February. Yeah, I'd say I have a lot to do. I have no business buying any more yarn. yeah, right. So why do I continue to buy? Because I see gorgeous yarn that I can picture knitted up and it makes me happy! so there. ;)

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