Sunday, December 30, 2007

In the Blink of an Eye

Rather a sad day here for me. My son, Michael just left to go back to NYC. We won't see him again until sometime in the spring or summer. It was so wonderful having him here for the 9 days. He liked the two hats I made for him for Christmas and wore them while he was here. It sure didn't seem like 9 days. The whole Christmas thing flew by. After New Years day I'll start to take down and put away all the decorations. It took me about 3 days to put it all up, and probably will take me 2 to get it put away. I'm amazed, actually, how fast time goes by in general. Wasn't it just a bit ago we took the kids up to Traverse City over New Years for skiing? Lots of snow and people. What a blast. I never skiied before that time and was very scared to try. I don't like to fall! After several attempts, I made it down the bunny hill without falling and just snowplowed my way down. Fast enough for me. lol! The kids zoomed by me, taking to it right away.
I've started knitting a baby hat out of Artful Yarns Reality, which is a cabled yarn, not plied. Its for Danny and Stacy Grants little daughter who will be 5 mos old. Her shower is January 12th. The hat turned out too big and I ran out of yarn before finishing. I followed the pattern as written. curses! I frogged the whole thing and started over, going down one needle size and casting on 2 sts less. That should do it. If not, I'll get her a gift instead. I'm not going to make myself crazy over a baby hat.
I got some new yarn, Dream In Color Classy, in the Black Parade colorway. I took a pic of it, but you can't see the color shading in the yarn so I'm not going to post it. Its black/charcoal/blue. Really pretty. I'm going to make Mike a runners scarf. Its a large tube, actually, and you can wear it like a neck gaitor, or a hood or a face covering. It's for running/walking out in the winter weather. Should work out fine, if I ever get it started/finished. I'll get him to model it and a pic taken. I'm also going to make a similar thing for my nephew, Andrew, who is leaving for Iraq. He's not overseas yet, but in Dallas waiting for deployment. It's a helmet liner which is Army approved. It's a balaclava, and it covers your head, leaving just your nose and eyes uncovered. I got some good wool and it shouldn't take long to do. We are all praying for him. He won't be back for about 15 months.
Back to work tomorrow, New Years Eve. Back to the usual stuff.

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