Thursday, December 27, 2007

Deep Breath

Here's the One Row Scarf I mentioned in an earlier post. I really like how its turning out. The color looks more muted than it actually is. I photographed it on my dining room table with a rust colored tablecloth. Also pictured, are a pair of mittens I made for my sister for Christmas. They look great! I love how the yarn made the pattern in them. Its Universal yarn, classic worsted. Nice yarn..washable. I really need to learn how to put the pictures I want to post within the text and not at the top. Its kind of annoying! But, it's better than nothing. I've got a ton of new yarn I want to post here too, but I can't have all the pics at the top of the page. argh!
I made it through Christmas! I had some serious doubts. I actually caught a cold from some dork at work who came to work sick. There were a LOT of people that I work with sick, so its no surprise I was too. Rotten timing! I spent the majority of the time in the kitchen cooking. This was entirely my fault for saying "I'll do it". ha..I'm gonna think twice next year, thats for sure. I'll cook Christmas eve and Christmas day but THAT'S IT. I love to cook and I'm happy when it turns out good and everyone likes it but its a helluva lot of work with planning and shopping. Having a cold didn't make it easier, either.
My sister and her husband left last night for Charlotte, NC and Michael is leaving to drive back to NYC this Sunday. Its so nice having him here! I miss him but I'm very glad he's happy there. I miss all my kids!
I'm off work until New Year's Eve day. I might get a low census day then too and not have to go in. I've been off for a week and its been great!
I've got pics of my granddaughter and other family pics I want to post as well. Stay tuned!!
Moving along with my Loopy Ewe project. I should have it done by mid January, if I keep at it. I have a tendency to shift around to other projects. I active as of now. 2 scarves, one pair of mittens, the Loopy project and a pair of socks. Almost done with my cashmere cable scarf, so maybe I could say 4.5 projects. yeah..that sounds better.

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Karen said...

Sorry you've been sick...I get so irritated at my "sick" coworkers as well, but I'm not sick YET. Love your project pics (new camera, right?) Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, anyway!

Happy New Year!

Karen Wong