Saturday, January 5, 2008

Catching up

Trying to be good and finish my Loopy Ewe project and its coming along really nice. I hope she likes it..and I hope she doesn't look TOO closely at it. lol..might be a teeny mistake or two. I've got a lot of things waiting to be knit up but I'm going to behave and actually finish something before I start another.
I got this gorgeous yarn from WEBS, Di'Ve Zenith. It was $3.99 a skein, which was half off, I think. Anyway its the yarn I want to use to make that Irish Hiking scarf I've mentioned before in an earlier post. Heres a pic of it:

If the yarn knits up as pretty as it is in a ball, then I'm getting more of it, not the same color, to knit a sweater!! Yes, folks...shes gonna try the big time. I'm going to knit one that actually fits! I have a pattern for a basic knit-top-down raglan sleeved sweater. I just need to find a stitch pattern that won't bore me to death, and at the same time doesn't frustrate me. Not easy to find.
Things are back to normal around here. I'm slowly putting away all the decorations from Christmas. Bummer!

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