Saturday, October 4, 2008

Where have I been??

Ok...I's been a long, long time. I'm sorry. Here I was SO excited with this blog and all and just like's like I lost interest or somethin'. Yeah..actually that's it. Anyway, I'll really try to keep up with this stuff. I mean, I do have things I've made and would like to post and maybe even talk about them. I just gotta remember how to do the things I learned to do, like post pics, way back when I was a little more active with this.

Right now, I'm busy with Christmas knitting and am trying desperately to finish them. I have a really pretty shawl for my sister, which I really hope she likes, and a vest for Patrick which is on hold for now until I finish the neverending shawl for Lynn. Here's the shawl when I had only one skein into it. Now I'm on the 3rd and almost 4th skein: It's called the Upstairs shawl which was a Knit-a-long for June in the Beginning Lace Knitters thread on Ravelry. I'm using Jojoland Melody fingering weight yarn.

It's turning out nicely, I think.
This next shawl is the first one I made and finished! Its called the Sunday Market Shawl and I found the free pattern on Ravelry. I used Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, two skeins, which I found while visiting a yarn shop in Banner Elk, NC where my Aunt Ruth lives, and the shop was going out of business. woohoo!

and another shot:
This is my daughter Katie modeling it. This was a gift for the daughter of a girlfriend who is getting married in November. I made it for her bridal shower in September. Katie really liked it, so I'm making her one in some really nice Kauni that I had in my stash.
There are some other things, but adding them all to this post will make it way too long!
I'll try to keep up and add a post about once a week or when I have something to say or show. ttfn!!

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