Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yep, still here

I've decided to shelve my Kiri shawl indefinitely, or until I get a bit better at knitting lace. I frogged that thing at least 5 times. It's official and I've given up for the time being. I also tried the Anya scarf. Nope. I tried the Branching Out scarf. Nope. It seems the patterns I've tried were a bit too complicated for my wee brain and abilities. The two scarves were frogged and not re-started. The Kiri has a lifeline put in and the subsequent rows (three of them) are wrong. There are too many rows in each pattern repeat and I get soooo lost. I mean, I get lost in the ROW. Now, thats bad. I still want to knit lace so looked a little more carefully and found this:
IMG_0292. Its the Leaf Lace scarf that I got online at So far, its going great! Only 12 rows in each repeat and infinitely easier. I hardly get lost at all. I've had to start over once and have knitted back a few times for a couple rows, but all in all it's fine and I'm excited about it! I'm using this absolutely wonderful Malabrigo Lace in Water Green. This stuff is fabulous. Its so soft and the color is beautiful. If this works out like I think it will, I might try making the pattern wider for a rectangular shawl. The scarf is 6" wide and 60" long, so all I have to do is repeat the width three times for it to be wide enough. eh..we'll see. Typical of me to think so far ahead.
I'm also forging ahead and trying a sweater. I bought some beautiful yarn at Knit Michigan when I was there a month or so ago. Worsted weight, 100% wool merino in a Sage color. Really nice! I got this pattern at the knit shop at the hospital.
This is the pattern I choose because it looks easy and shouldn't make me crazy.
IMG_0282. Pretty huh? I really like it. I'm being very, very careful for sizing. I'm not going to put all this time and effort into something that I won't wear because it doesn't fit. I'd hate that.
Yep, I've been busy. I knitted some leg warmers for my daughter, Katie. I had some Blue Sky Alpaca, 2 skeins, and it worked out pretty good. I wanted them just a tad longer than they turned out, so I used up a bit of Universal Yarn worsted with some blues and grays in it for the bottom of the leg warmer. She liked them and thats all that matters!
Here's a pic:
IMG_0276. Modeled by herself. ;-)
I bought some more yarn (surprise!) and I haven't photoed it yet. (is that a word??)
But I'll get to it and post it.
I'm in the Loopy Ewe sock club and the first shipment is due this upcoming week. Not sure yet if I'm excited about that or not. This is my first sock club experience, so we'll see. I get a skein of sock yarn and a pattern shipped to me every other month. I doubt if I'll do the patterns because I'm just not that experienced yet in the fancy sock patterns. Besides, I like the simple ones that show off the yarn better anyway. Why work an intricate sock pattern when you can't see it because of the way the yarn is dyed? Seems like a waste of time to me. Speaking of socks, I got this really nice sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe which should arrive Monday or Tuesday. Its by Trekking, and its called Hand Art because it's hand dyed. It has blacks and reds and a couple other colors in it and I thought of making a pair of socks for Patrick with it. I think he'd like them. Anyway, its just a thought.
I got some yarn from the woman with the Alpacas the other day. She wants me to knit a hood for her brother. A sort of balaclava. I started it and the yarn is totally inappropriate for it. It sheds like crazy!! Making a hood out of this stuff would be pretty awful. Her brother will have fuzzies in his eyes, nose and mouth. I haven't had a chance to tell her yet, but I will when I see her this week at work. Truthfull, I really don't want to knit a hood for her. I've got other stuff I'd rather do!
Because I haven't posted any, here's a picture of our granddaughter and my husband.
Talk soon!

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Karen said...

Love the new lace project and the color is divine!