Thursday, February 14, 2008

Adventures in Lace

I've actually lost count on how many times I've started my lace project over. I started the Kiri shawl and frogged it at least 6 times before I got it right and decided it might be best to start using "lifelines". What a lifeline is, is dental floss, or mercerized cotton, or an equally thin yarn thats knitted into a row where you are certain there are no mistakes on that row or anywhere below it. That way, when you make a mistake in the following rows/pattern repeats (and I definitely will) you only have to frog up to the lifeline instead of starting over from the beginning. Fixing mistakes in lace knitting is very, very different than fixing mistakes with regular worsted or DK or fingering yarn. Lace yarn is thin, thin, thin and hard to see and with all those YO's and k2tog, it's close to impossible to knit backwards to fix a mistake. I think I'm going to love lifelines. The picture of my Kiri beginning that I have in Flickr has been frogged too. This time, I started over using a CO 1 stitch and knitting in the back and the front of the stitch to increase, knitting a plain row, and then increasing until I got 13 stitches before the lace pattern starts. I no longer have a straight across edge to the shawl. I'll take a pic and post it when I have something more to show.
Here's my Loopy Swap project that I made for Karen.
She said she really liked it and that made me very happy! I loved the shades of green in the yarn. I sent her the extra skein of the yarn I had because I never paid attention to the yardage requirement to make the fingerless mittens and I ordered two skeins, when all I needed was one. duh.
I really should have taken some more pictures before I started my post here. I'll do that tomorrow before I go to work. I have to work afternoons tomorrow. yuk. I really hate working afternoons because I get off shift at 11:30pm and I don't get home until about 12:45am. Yep, I live that far from work. I also have to take my car to the dealer in the morning and hope I can get a rental. arrrgg...There be grinding sounds coming from me undercarriage. Maybe I should look under there..might be dragging an igloo or something. ;-)
Have a great week!

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Karen said...

I do, indeed, love my mitts. It is actually going to be cold tomorrow and they are coming with me to work. Maybe I'll even need to warm up with hot fudge afterwards.....